Healing Effects of North and South Magnetic Fields

Healing Effects of North and South Magnetic Fields
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The Healing Effects of North and South Magnetic Fieldsnd your Immune System


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" Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. provided a very important fundamental observation concerning magnetic response and therapy. He showed that when an injury occurs, the injured area registers magnetically positive (south pole). After a few hours the site of the injury without any outside magnetic influence registers negative (north pole). What this shows is that north pole energy is a sign of healing while south pole energy is a . ..>>> More information Clickhere

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Can a Rife Machine Help?
Enter in a problem/illness see if there is a frequency?


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Multiwave oscillators

Rife machines and Multiwave oscillators are claimed to complement each other based on the principle that life forms absorb energy. A multiwave Oscillator uses this principle to strengthen cells within the body to resist disease while a Rife machine uses this principle to destroy microorganisms with an overdose of frequency energy.

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""I can assure you that no one, not even myself, could help but be astounded at the results we are now obtaining with the assistance of our new Rife-Hoyland machines and our new band of MOR's.(Mortal oscillatory rate)" (Letter from Dr. Johnson to Dr. Gruner (copy sent to Dr. Rife) dated, November 4, 1936."."

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Can a Rife Machine Help?
Enter in a problem/illness see if there is a known frequency



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