Frequently asked questions



Q. What is the cost to become an Active affiliate member?

A. Free Member will have access to Members Area but the purchase of our 2 Flagship products ($49.95) will activate account.


Q. Do you accept Credit and Debit Cards?

A. Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard via MESH (fee applies). We also accept Bitcoin merchant payments through


Q. Are there any incentives for the business builders? 

A. Yes! As a matter of fact it is these incentives that make our program so generous and exciting!


Q.  Am I required to refer other affiliates in order to earn commissions and bonuses?

A. Yes, our compensation plan is based on a UniLevel, it's only by referring others that you get to earn commissions and maximize the affiliate program. Please see 'OPPORTUNITY' for details.


Q. How and when are commissions paid?

A. Commissions are to be issued WEEKLY. A minimum amount of $20 earned will be necessary to make a withdrawal request. All members wil be paid via company check. A small processing fee will be applied.


Q.  Can International members join?

A. Yes, International members may free but activate their accounts only join throgh Bitcoin merchant or account balance.


Q.  What happens if I fail to pay for my subscription in any given month?

A. If you fail to pay to renew your subscription during the 30 days period, you will miss out on all the commissions you could have earned in that period


Q.  Do you permit multiple affiliate entries?

A. No. We do NOT allow more than one account per person. Any duplicate entries will be deleted without notice even if they have commissions due.


Q.  Is HealthyNUliving a legal business?

A. Yes, HealthyNUliving, LLC is a Texas company that private labels and distributes nutritional products to Members discounted wholesale prices.


Q.  How do I update the information on my profile?

A. It is simple: just make the changes you want to make, enter your password and click on 'Update' If you do not enter your current password, the update will not be successful.


Q.  What is 'SSN' that shows on the profile page?

A. SSN refers to 'Social Security Number'. By law ALL US RESIDENTS are required to enter this number on record for tax purposes. We will be sending out 1099s only to those US residents whose SSNs are on record.


Q.  Once I become an affiliate will I have a website just like this one?

A. Yes, your website will be created instantly after you successfully complete the enrollment process online (if you use a credit card) or as soon as we receive your application and money order.


Your URL will be e-mailed to you and you should also be able to find it in your HealthyNUliving's Members Area. You can start sending your friends and prospects to your website immediately.





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