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About HealthyNuLving

Welcome To HealthyNuLiving

HealthyNuLiving represents a 'New Beginning' for the Affiliate Marketer who wants to take his or her current business to the highest level.

It does not matter what opportunity you are involved with, you will always need two things:
1) Effective, easy-to-use business-building Tools, Systems and Training and...
2) CASHFLOW...you need a steady cashflow to effectively reach the best prospects for your business
As part of the FOUNDATION of what will be an amazing adventure, we have the rare opportunity NOW to build not one but two income sources like no other ever seen before. This is where you want to be before the masses discover what you've just found
4 Steps To Success

How It Works?

Join HealthyNuLiving Today! Come inside and we'll show you Exactly what we are doing to create Success and Income with our system. We have Everything You need to Get Started TODAY!

What We DO at HealthyNuLiving?

We Represent a 'New Beginning'!

You will need the discipline to live beneath your means for several years in order to save enough money that can grow through investment vehicles towards your desired goal. You can help yourself considerably by saving money by using our discount products as a free member.

As a qualified PRO member, you will also receive our Monthly Nutritional Newsletter 'NuLiving Lifestyle'...it’s no secret that a regularly scheduled nutrition newsletter from registered dietitians, nutritionists, and health coaches will be a great way to manage your healthy Lifestyle.


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Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked question.

Be Pro for $17.95/mo. You will have a 1st month one-time $10 activation fee. The $10 pays for your worldwide debit care, your website, and all training and support. Your total 1st-month cost is $27.95. This is quickly covered by sponsoring only 2 others as discussed below.

Receive $10/mo for all members at the top of any Power leg. Also, receive a $5 one-time bonus for each pro that you enroll. This means that when you Signup #1 that is $15 and $5 for #2. You will have $20 right away.

When the member at the top of a Power leg signs up their 2nd Pro, you get another $10/month. You are now free very quickly in the system, earning over $20/month plus the $5 one-time bonus for every Pro you enroll.

You withdraw your commissions, over $17.95, onto your debit card. $17.95 of your commissions are kept to pay for your next month's $17.95 volume requirement automatically. If you have no commissions you will log in and pay $17.95 with your credit card in any month that you might be short of commissions.

It is easy to have over $17.95 at the end of a month. Just have 2 Pros at the top of 2 power legs or have one or more Pros in any power leg shared position to infinity deep. (the #2s and #4s).

See the rest of the plan to see the doubling of income in each power leg $20, $40, $80, $160, etc to infinity deep in each power leg.

More income comes from the $10,340/mo personal forced-filled matrix (Not company wide). The earlier you signup as a Pro the better. Income is earned in the matrix even if you sponsor no one.

You also receive a substantial 20% commission from all your 1st level customers and Pros who purchase discounted products and services.

We will be able to accept credit card payments, worldwide, for the products for the countries we ship to. (see the list on the ordering page). We will accept the 1st $27.95 payment with the same worldwide credit card system. We will keep $17.95 in your balance to pay your next month's membership. If you are below $17.95 you will need to log in and pay with your credit card again. Do not submit chargebacks. We will negotiate with you to get your $27.95 or $17.95 or back to you. Your upline may lose their $10 if we do end up giving you back your $27.95 that you charged for your last month's membership. Previous month memberships that you individually charged are not subject to chargeback. This is a month-by-month membership.

No auto pay is available. If you are 3 days late with your charge card payment, you will be converted to a free member with no downline. We do not accept cryptocurrency.

We will send you an application for our Pay Quicker credit card if you are in one of the 119 countries that we do business in. You can withdrawal all commissions over $17.95. You can withdraw daily. There is a small fee charged to allow us to operate this system.

We will follow the policy of our manufacturing company. This is posted as a link on the shopping cart page.

See the answer in the company policy and procedures document.

No. But other members of the family over 18 may join if they have their own credit card or are an authorized use on that family credit card with their name on their own card. We only allow one credit card owned by the member who is signing up. No multiple memberships on the same credit card.

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