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About HealthyNuLving

Welcome To HealthyNuLiving

HealthyNuLiving represents a 'New Beginning' for the Affiliate Marketer who wants to take his or her current business to the highest level.

It does not matter what opportunity you are involved with, you will always need two things:
1) Effective, easy-to-use business-building Tools, Systems and Training and...
2) CASHFLOW...you need a steady cashflow to effectively reach the best prospects for your business
As part of the FOUNDATION of what will be an amazing adventure, we have the rare opportunity NOW to build not one but two income sources like no other ever seen before. This is where you want to be before the masses discover what you've just found
4 Steps To Success

How It Works?

Join HealthyNuLiving Today! Come inside and we'll show you Exactly what we are doing to create Success and Income with our system. We have Everything You need to Get Started TODAY!

What We DO at HealthyNuLiving?

We Represent a 'New Beginning'!

There is no need to let the big stores make all the money without you having the opportunity to be with a group to refer others and makeup to a life-changing income and save money by restricting your purchases to our very low-cost, high-quality discount products.

As a qualified Affiliate member, you will also receive our Monthly Nutritional Newsletter 'NuLiving Lifestyle'...it’s no secret that a regularly scheduled nutrition newsletter from registered dietitians, nutritionists, and health coaches will be a great way to manage your healthy lifestyle.

It's YOUR Turn to Experience a Healthier NuLiving!

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Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked question.

Yes, but Affiliate Members also received monthly Discounted Credits for all products which could add to big savings.

Become aa Affiliate Member for $30 monthly.

Normally, members are stuck with one high-priced product in other programs. We give you the access to select the product that you need with up to a 40% discount. This also allows you to save on shipping if you use your discount access to order several products at once. If you don't need a product for that month then you don't need to order, saving you a lot of money versus other programs.

In addition, you get all the tools and training that you will need to perhaps build an unlimited income as you find others see the power and value of what we offer for only $30/month.

We will be able to accept credit card payments, worldwide, for the products for the countries we ship to.

You can also pay using our coinpayments account. (bitcoin, LiteCoin and Tron). Make sure that your payment, after fees, is not less than $30 for your recurring payment if needed. Suggestion, get 2 Pros for whom you receive a total of $30/month so that you never need to pay monthly.

Amounts will be credited according to the plan: $25 Fast Start Bonus (First Month only) and the 20% commission for orders made by free and Affiliate members. Matrix and Matching Bonus will accumulate with the monthly renewals with no sponsorship required.

Withdraw amounts over $30 daily when you have 2 active Affiliates. Refer 2 Affiliates and qualify for 50% Match of the matrix of personally sponsored Affiliates. Refer 4 and qualify for 100% Match of the matrix of personally sponsored Affiliates.

When you upgrade to an Affiliate you will receive an application for our Pay Quicker account. You can withdrawal all commissions except $30 is held to pay for next month’s subscription. If you are short, you will need to pay manually with your credit card. You will receive a reminder, so you don’t lose your position in the Matrix or downline. You can withdraw balances over $20 on a daily basis. There is a small withdrawal fee to operate the system.

When you click on withdrawal you will be providing your email that you want us to use to have Pay Quicker send you an application to create your account. The Visa Debit Card takes about 8 days to arrive. While you are waiting for the card, you can link your bank account to your debit card to transfer money.

We will follow the policy of our manufacturing company. This is posted as a link on the shopping cart page.

See the answer in the company policy and procedures document.

No. But other members of the family over 18 may join if they have their own credit card or are an authorized use on that family credit card with their name on their own card. We only allow one credit card owned by the member who is signing up. No multiple memberships on the same credit card.

The HNL Downline Builder function is probably one of the most important parts of our Team Builder System. This is how our system tracks all of your prospects back to YOUR NuTeamBuilder site. The Downline Builder is designed to take your prospects step by step through our system and lead them to join with YOU in Your HealthyNuliving business. This system only works if you are a current member of HealthyNuliving.

Yes, we offer a PIF feature. You will be able to Pay It Forward for any personal referral who may need a helping hand. It will allowed you to PIF using any of our merchants or your own account balance.

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