Affiliate Pay Plan

Because of the way many pay plans are structured, there are many thousands of Network Marketers who have not gotten to the point where they earn anything near the $500 per month. With our pay plan, many people are going to have that positive experience for the very first time. $500 coming in month after month can impact many people's lives very positively.

That, however, is just the beginning! We give you the opportunity to use this as the foundation for a much greater income - if you are willing to help us share our products and opportunities with others.

HealthyNuLiving was designed to put money in the pockets of both the 'strong' and the 'not-so-strong'.

Unlimited Income Potential

When you join HealthyNuLiving as an Affiliate you are automatically upgraded to 'Business-Builder' or 'PRO Distributor' with a personal 'Income Center' and the option to refer others and grow your network of Customers and Distributors and your income!

HealthyNuLiving was designed to put money in the pockets of both the 'strong' and the 'not-so-strong'. When considering ANY Referral Compensation Plan, it is absolutely essential to ask, and get satisfactory answers to, two important questions:

1) What are the requirements and what do I really have to accomplish in order to reach my desired income goal?

2) Can I realistically map out a Course of Action that will create that income and can I match it to the Referral Pay Plan in a way that makes sense to ME?


Residual Infinity Bonus

The Power Leg Play plan is the compelling power of our Pay Plan and it is why you are going to have the Growth, the Momentum and the Retention needed to build a massive long-term Residual Monthly Income!

The Power Leg Pay plan allows you to earn a $10 Monthly Bonus, not just on personally sponsored members but ALL of the personally sponsored Shared members, sponsored by others no matter how many have been introduced to your network.

Discover how easy this UNIQUE concept will make you a fortune!

5x5 Business-Builder

As Members become PRO, they’re placed in their sponsor’s Direct Matrix. Matrix means that you will be placed in one of five legs (left or right) in your sponsor’s organization. You will then be compensated based on successfully building your organization.

Your sponsor (or anyone else in your upline) may also place Members in your organization. As your organization begins to grow, you are entitled to Direct-Matrix Commissions based on the total sales generated on your 5x5 Personal Matrix Network. All levels have a percentage paid out based on the PRO membership monthly cost.

Matching Bonus Bonus

To further reward our team leaders, we have created the Team Matrix-Match feature. This feature allows you to earn a 50% Matching Bonus on all personal referrals Direct-Matrix earnings. That's $5,265 potential Match-Bonus earnings from each personal referal. There is no limit to the amount of personal referrals you could make so just imagine referring 5, 10 or 20 what that would do to your monthly earnings.


In this example you refer 1 member who earns $500 on their own matrix in a certain month. So you will earn up to $250 Matrix-Match aside from your own matrix earnings.

Discounted Wholesale

HealthyNuLiving has an opportunity that works for everyone whether you are a sales type person or not. All we do is contract directly with the manufacturers, formulators, and vendors and then we take the savings that are created through this by-pass and divide it up amongst the individuals who are part of HealthyNuLiving.

With over 20 healthy products and growing all at prices way below retail. Our customers are happy customers and our products are made in the USA, FDA Registered with GMP Guidelines, save, share, and Smile while becoming the best version of you ! What a deal!

Instead of pitching a product or building a company, HealthyNuLiving is building a Team of Individuals who are cooperatively working together to create income through buying power. HealthyNuLiving PRO members will earn a 20% commission on purchases from all discounted wholesale products purchases made by personal Customers and Members (Upon qualifications).